Gum Disease


Signs of Gum Disease:gumsdisease6

  • Bleeding Gums
  • Puffy ‘glossy’ surface.
  • Receding gum and bone.
  • Recent tooth spacing.
  • Mobile teeth.
  • Sensitivity around the tooth necks.
  • Rarely painful, but can be in advanced cases.

Hard deposits around the teeth are calcified soft debris (plaque). If cleaning is really good then the hard deposits (calculus) is minimal.

The plaque ( a mixture of salivary deposits and food debris) has a very high bacteria level and the toxins from the germs invade the gum and cause it to swell and bleed easily.

Plaque hardens onto the neck of the teeth if not removed efficiently and regularly and then becomes an excellent base for more plaque.

Untreated, the gum and bone recedes down the root surfaces and eventually the teeth become loose and fall out.Gum disease eventually results in spaces called pockets between the teeth, the gum and bone. The deeper the pockets, the less support there is for the teeth and the more chance of tooth loss.

Plaque around the teeth can be highlighted by disclosing solutions available at pharmacies.

Note the puffy swollen gum papilla in between the teeth.

Ayurvedic Cure for Pyorrhoea (Pus in Gums)

In ayurveda, pyorrehoea is called as Dantvesha or Putidanta. Pyorrehoea is charecterized by excessive discharges of pus from the roots of gums and teeth. If not cured in the initial stages, this can lead to various diseases. This happens because the patient swallows the pus along with the food and the consumed pus then gets absorbed into the gastro-intestinal system.


The common symptoms of pyorrhoea are as follows

  • Teeth become loose and start falling one after another
  • Gum paining and bleeding
  • Difficulty in chewing solid food ingredients
  • Foul smell in mouth

The causes of pyorrhea are

  • Constipation
  • Indigestion
  • Unhygienic oral habits


  • The twig of Neem tree of Banyan tree should be used for brushing.
  • Hot water mixed with borax should be used for gargling mouth.

See: More Home remedies for Pyorrhoea


  1. Fruits which are high in Vitamin C should be taken more.
  2. Vegetables like bitter gourd, potato and drumstick are useful.
  3. The things which stick to the roots of teeth should be avoided as far as possible.




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