Non-nylon alternatives to Boar Bristle


i have not yet found an alternative for TOOTH brushes. apart from not using a TOOTHBRUSH ever again instead i used my newly discovered ECO VEGAN toothstick.

i have used boar-bristle hairbrushes all my life.  i have used boar-bristle toothbrushes for about 29 years.  as a animal friender, for the last 3 years, i have been searching for evidence of  humanely-harvested boar bristle.  now that i am of the mind that even humanely-harvested hog bristle comes from animals who are still exploited because it is a commercial operation.  if i had a pet pig, and i gave it a scratch and an occasional haircut, i know that my pig would feel happy to be of service to my need for brushes. i do not have a pet pig.  i have at last found my alternatives – a stick for teeth and bamboo brush for hair.

NYLON has been a NO GO  for me, for a couple of decades or so:

  • nylon bristles ALWAYS scratch teeth enamel, and damage the hair, no exceptions.
  • nylon is made from petroleum

i have found some alternatives to nylon and commercially shaved or killed & shaved boar/badger etc :


  • sisal
  • jute
  • tampico/agave/cactus


  • wood
  • bamboo
  • ceramic?






TAMPICO/agave/cactus BRISTLE: Tampico looks really stiff and scratchy for the body, is it?

hair  –

body  –


hair: comb  –

hair: brush  –

hair  –  i have not yet checked the following links – if you have tried one of the following brushes, feel free to write a comment


hair  –


hair  –

hair –

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  1. Hi there, you wrote me a replay on your other post. I’m glad you decided to ditch the boar products (although, if you already have those products in the house I’d say keep them. it’s more sustainable than just throwing for no reason).
    I can say for myself that in my search lately for a non-plastic toothbrush I also found the brushing stick. apparently they sell them at my local spice shop super cheap. they are licorice sticks barks, a different plant from the miswak, but they are amazing. they leave the mouth fresh and clean. and you can also use them as mouth wash, if you just soak the exposed end in little bit of water and gargle it.
    so the stick plus flossing can be enough.

    about the nylon bristles. I’m super sure there are way better alternatives. just that someone needs to invest some effort to find a sustainable substance that will do the job.
    I found this company that claims they use now bamboo bristles:

    although the brushes look like the they were brought from aliexpress, china, which is where all the bamboo brushes come from, and on aliexpress there is no bamboo bristles brush. so I’m skeptical.
    however, I read a review by someone who had bought that brush and tried to set some bristles on fire, to see whether they are plastic or not, and he claimed they burned like wood.

    another thing I found lately is the super fabelous Tek company.
    they are the original Italian company which makes the “widu” brushes. only they sell them much cheaper in europe (same product).

    on the widu website they state they get ethically sourced boar bristles from growers in europe. this claim may be true, and needs further checking.
    so as I’m writing to you my order from Tek just arrived and I am super pleased with their wooden brush. it’s just amazing! I really recommend this company, very good quality and high standards.

    thats all I have for now~


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