Why the Stick? and Buy the Stick!

Why the Stick? and Buy the Stick!

Coming Soon  BUY the STICK!


• teeth whitening
• pigment removal
• killing off caries-associated bacteria
• bad breath neutralization • polished teeth effect
• treatment and prevention of gum disease, canker sores and oral herpes
• balancing the pH in your mouth
• help in reversing tooth decay • rebuilding cracked tooth enamel
• natural remineralisation of tooth enamel
• caries and dental plaque reduction/prevention
• possibility to brush your teeth anywhere and in any situation
• living more sustainably and ecologically


• bacteria will breed, creating mould, which also breaks down the fibres
• where the hell is my stick? where did i leave it. have you seen my toothstick?
• if the stick is hanging on the wall next to your keys, you will remember to tske it with you
• teeth cleaning is meant to be done when you are resting or relaxing or even laying down on the bed or floor. it is a pleasurable relaxing pastime. teeth cleaning is not meant to be done standing up, on the run or when you are in a locked room with people bashing on the door telling you to “hurry up! i want to use the bathroom”!

How to use the various triangular toothsticks


How to use the various triangular toothsticks: Sensydene, TePe sticks, Interdens


6 Reasons Why Dentists Recommend Triangular-Shaped Wooden Dental Sticks!

source: http://www.bleedinggums.com/stim-u-dent/

1. The triangular shape.

Designed in the shape of an isosceles triangle, fit perfectly between your teeth. By placing the base of the triangle against the gum tissue, you can remove plaque from the inner tooth surfaces and massage the gum tissue all in one motion.

2. The tapered point.

The tapered point fits so perfectly between your teeth, no matter how tall or short that space is.  Perfect for dislodging food particles and plaque – keeping you clean and comfortable.

3. The wood.

Made of special wood that creates the ideal texture and flexibility when wet, they squeeze in between teeth and remove sticky plaque before it becomes tartar (the stuff your dental hygienist has to scrape off during your cleanings).  And the wood is biodegradable and comes from managed forests.

4. They stimulate your gums.

They will remove plaque and food from between your teeth, but that’s only the beginning.  The in-and-out motion used also stimulates blood flow to your gum tissue – keeping your gums nourished and healthy.

5. They’re safe.

The flexibility of the wood means they will bend or break if you push too hard – they will never shift or damage your teeth.  (Don’t try that with a conventional wooden toothpick!)

Swak – the vegan toothbrush has arrived –


Combining the brilliance of tree sticks with contemporary eco handle design – the dawn of a new era = fancy MISWAK toothbrush    SWAK from Germany

How to SWAK
Plaque is removed thoroughly and gently, even in places a conventional toothbrush can’t reach. Plaque removal with a conventional brush often causes damage to teeth and gums which doesn’t happen with SWAK.


When brushing your teeth with the SWAK toothbrush the moistened head is moved gently over the necks of your teeth. Thus plaque is gently removed from your teeth.

How often?
Once a day is more than enough; at the earliest it takes 24 hours before plaque bacteria produce acids which then start to attack the teeth.

How long?
You only need to clean until each tooth feels smooth; you can check with your tongue if there is still plaque on your teeth. Using the tip of your tongue you can check each individual tooth; plaque feels rough and furry, clean teeth feel smooth!


The SWAK toothbrush offers you the chance to brush your teeth whenever and wherever you want, even out of the house as you neither need water nor toothpaste. You’re no longer chained to the sink; the SWAK toothbrush is used flexibly in many situations: whilst watching television, or at the computer, in the car…actually anywhere and everywhere!

How to brush your teeth with SWAK
Teeth cleaning with the SWAK toothbrush is carried out using the “swing technique”. The bristle head is moved gently over each tooth’s surface close to the neck ensuring existing plaque bacteria colonies are removed (disorganised) and therefore rendered harmless: no toothpaste necessary!

Some Tips:
* To change the taste of the miswak wood, a drop of tooth oil can be dripped onto the SWAK head.
* Hard bristles can be softened by gently nibbling the tip.
Bristles that are too long can be moistened and then cut with regular scissors.
Children can use the SWAK toothbrush on their own at the earliest at age 7.
* The SWAK Tooth Salt contains the health-promoting components of the miswak wood and works on healing on inflamed gums.
* Like with conventional toothbrushes the SWAK should not be kept in an airtight container.


As with conventional nylon toothbrushes the SWAK should not be kept in an airtight container. When used with the “swing technique” the SWAK bristle head is very durable. A replacement of the bristle head only becomes necessary when a decreased cleaning action is noticed when checking your teeth with your tongue.


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Your Favourite Eco Toothbrush: Partly Biodegradable, Partly Not


see an older post about nylon 6 and nylon 4

although designers are doing the very best they can, there is still not a fully degradable bristle apart from the boar-bristle. if there are, can you tell us about it in the comments below?

home_groupthe brush we all know and love and buy by-the-box to give as gifts to our less enviro-aware family members   . . . . .

The Environmental Toothbrush

the honest designer & manufacter (manufactured in china under contract), a dentist from brisbane of “The Environmental Toothbrush” was horrified when he was informed that their bristles were not made from nylon 4 and he let his buyers know that he had been misled.

following is the amended text on his website . . . .

The bristles are made from a BPA FREE polymer resistant to microbial growth during normal use, to ensure safety and durability.  We have tried to find a biodegradable bristle but as of this time there is nothing available – apart from boars hair (don’t want to go there).  No they are not Nylon 4 (as far as we know there are no bristles made from Nylon 4 on the market today).

We have tried to bring you a toothbrush that is better for the environment- over the years we have been misled by our manufactures about our bristles being made of Nylon 4.  We still believe that our toothbrush is a better alternative to a full Plastic toothbrush.

from Beth Terry




from bogobrush website . . .

We believe the world deserves a toothbrush worth caring about. We believe that starts with knowing where it came from, and how it was made. We believe it grows from an attention to aesthetics that will make you smile, and deepens with the beauty of giving back to someone in need. We believe that what is good for the planet, is good for us. We believe in the little toothbrush that could.

What kind of bristles are in a Bogobrush? Are they soft? Bogobrushes use the highest quality Tynex Nylon bristles from Dupont.  They are a “soft” bristle, and are polished with ceramic by our bristling manufacturer for an extra smooth feel.

How long will it take to break down, (i.e. degrade)?

It depends.  Maybe a few months, maybe a few years.  With any compostable material, the time of degradation depends on the health of the compost pile – humidity, temperature, and bio-diversity, (bugs, microbes, plants, etc. –  as well as the size and surface area of the product).
What will it degrade into?

Bogobrush bio-composite handles will degrade into carbon dioxide, water, and humus, (a soil nutrient).


Hi Marion,
Thank you for reaching out to us.  This is a great question.  Several years ago, we learned from our U.S. manufacturing partners that Nylon 4 was not actually a viable bristle option, despite what Chinese manufacturing told us.  This was before we started actual production, so we pulled all language of the sort from our marketing materials.  There is likely some lingering information out on the internet from our pre-order launch in 2012, but we certainly no longer claim that material for our brush.  While we wish there were other bristle options, we feel good about our decision to provide high quality bristles to our customers.  Some day, we hope demand for eco-bristles will help spur viable options.
You can go to our website shop page and scroll to FAQ section to learn more about our bristles and how we recommend composting our biodegradable brush.
Please let us know if you have further questions.  We will be happy to help!
Heather McDougall

302438_471113779573595_1091126901_n-240x231Brush With Bamboo


from Beth Terry at Life Without Plastic


Total Clean Eco Toothbrush

Features of the Animal Lovers Total Clean Eco Toothbrush
Animal Lovers Total Clean Eco Toothbrush

  • Designed in conjunction with dental advice.
  • Easy-grip ergonomic bamboo biodegradable handle has natural flexibility, absorbing brushing pressure and reducing gum irritation.
  • Zig zag bristles with rounded tips for gentle cleaning in-between teeth and along the delicate gum line.
  • 30mm tapered head is smaller than regular over-sized toothbrush heads for easy access to those hard-to-reach places.
  • Heat treatment carbonizes the bamboo surface for water resistance and prevention of microbe growth (bacteria and moulds) during normal use.
  • Attractive, individual packaging made from recycled card makes the toothbrushes a great gift or Christmas stocking stuffer.









  • Made with LOVE and recycled yogurt cups
  • Handle created with 100% recycled #5 plastic; bristles are new nylon
  • Easy-to-grip curved handle
  • Tiered bristles for gentle, thorough cleaning
  • Includes reusable travel case
  • Be sure to learn about our toothbrush recycling program listed below


on a completely different subject ….   homemade laundry cleaner




The Original Wooden Pin Brushes


click image for source

A well-known hair stylist in Milan who worked with models developed the WIDU® concept. He was concerned that the constant washing of hair and heat from the photographic lights dried the scalp. As he felt that boar bristle and nylon bristle brushes had the tendency to both scratch the scalp and tear the hair, so he developed the wooden bristles.

3The brushes are handmade in Italy by adult native artisans that have perfected their skills over the last thirty years. No child labor is utilized. Our products are of impeccable old world quality and long lasting value unlike many of our imitators.

After an extensive study and research the hard white wood of the hornbeam tree was chosen for the bristles. Horn beam is in the birch family and has a strong resistance to breakage and maintains its exceptional smooth qualities.

1432393332The WIDU® Wooden Bristle brush is all-natural. Neither animal by-products nor synthetic materials are used in its manufacture. It is an animal and cruelty-free product. We have discovered that:

1. Wooden bristles gently massage the scalp and move natural oils through the hair. The brushes aid in scalp massage, blood circulation, excess sebum absorption and the removal hair impurities.

2. Massaging the scalp helps promote hair growth and stimulate acupressure points.

3. The combination of wood and natural antistatic rubber helps to prevent flyaway hair.

4. When exposed to a blow dryer, the brush stays cool because wood and rubber do not conduct heat. When hair is wet the wooden bristles glide easily through the tangles.

5. The brushes and combs are naturally hypoallergenic. The comb’s wooden teeth are turned and well finished so they do not tear at the hair. The majority of our brushes and combs are only finished with a protective coating of beeswax or purified linseed oil.

6. Only wood suppliers who agree to a policy of Forest Stewardship Council sustainable forestation are utilized. This also applies to the African wood suppliers.

Non-nylon alternatives to Boar Bristle


i have not yet found an alternative for TOOTH brushes. apart from not using a TOOTHBRUSH ever again instead i used my newly discovered ECO VEGAN toothstick.

i have used boar-bristle hairbrushes all my life.  i have used boar-bristle toothbrushes for about 29 years.  as a animal friender, for the last 3 years, i have been searching for evidence of  humanely-harvested boar bristle.  now that i am of the mind that even humanely-harvested hog bristle comes from animals who are still exploited because it is a commercial operation.  if i had a pet pig, and i gave it a scratch and an occasional haircut, i know that my pig would feel happy to be of service to my need for brushes. i do not have a pet pig.  i have at last found my alternatives – a stick for teeth and bamboo brush for hair.

NYLON has been a NO GO  for me, for a couple of decades or so:

  • nylon bristles ALWAYS scratch teeth enamel, and damage the hair, no exceptions.
  • nylon is made from petroleum

i have found some alternatives to nylon and commercially shaved or killed & shaved boar/badger etc :


  • sisal
  • jute
  • tampico/agave/cactus


  • wood
  • bamboo
  • ceramic?







body    –  http://www.bernardjensen.com/SKIN-BRUSH–NATURAL-TAMPICO-BRISTLES-WLONG-HANDLE_p_47.html

TAMPICO/agave/cactus BRISTLE: Tampico looks really stiff and scratchy for the body, is it?

hair  –    http://www.care2.com/greenliving/hairbrushes-easy-greening.html

body  –   http://www.biome.com.au/body-brushing/1519-natural-body-brush-tampico-plant-long-handle-for-body-brushing.html


hair: comb  – https://www.widu.com/category/13./Wooden-Combs.html

hair: brush  –  https://www.widu.com/

hair  –  i have not yet checked the following links – if you have tried one of the following brushes, feel free to write a comment





hair  –  http://www.thebodyshop.com.au/haircare/brushes/hair-brush-with-bamboo-pins-large.aspx#.Vwkyn3CSRok


hair  –  https://translate.google.com.au/translate?sl=auto&tl=en&js=y&prev=_t&hl=en&ie=UTF-8&u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.tek-italy.it%2F&edit-text=

hair – https://translate.googleusercontent.com/translate_c?depth=1&hl=en&ie=UTF8&prev=_t&rurl=translate.google.com.au&sl=auto&tl=en&u=https://www.facebook.com/Tekitaly&usg=ALkJrhiC_h4cHJvAiGFULo8L949TiE-89Q

buy a handcarved woodpick



The Lumberjack (David Prince or Charlene Reichert) is camped out in the Gallery. The Lumberjack whittles toothpicks and is happy to engage in conversation. Toothpicks are for sale! They are available directly from The Lumberjack in the gallery or online at  http://www.davidprince.org/shoppe/.