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Sodium Bicarbonate (Bicarb or Bicarb Soda)


Naturally Harvested [Aluminium Free] Food and USP Grade

From generation to generation Sodium Bicarbonate has earned a reputation as an absolute necessity in many a household. Affectionately known as bicarb, it is accepted as a safe, versatile, environmental friendly all-round household product with a multitude of uses !  We believe BLANTs Super-Natural ‘Aluminium Free’ USP & Food Grade Sodium Bicarbonate is the very best on the market !  Although others brands may be suitable, much of the available Bicarb is a man-made product, not natural !

BLANTs Super-Natural Sodium Bicarbonate is harvested from deep underground ancient mineral deposit of naturally occurring Sodium Carbonate & Bicarbonate. The mix is brought to the surface where a simple filtering, refining and curing process produces a premium Food & USP Grade Aluminium Free Sodium Bicarbonate. Isn’t that refreshing to know !          [Aluminium <1ppm, not detected]

BLANTs SUPER-NATURAL Bicarb is sourced from the same region that the popular and ultra expensive BRM Bicarb is sourced without the extravagant price tag.

Interested in production process ? 

Sodium bicarbonate is a secondary product of Soda Ash, derived from natural deposits or man-made.

The natural deposits are called Trona and are reported to be ancient mineral deposits in the Green River, Wyoming region 450km below the surface that was once covered by an enormous lake.  As the lake evaporated it left behind a deposit of Trona between sandstone and shale said to be so large it could provide the world for thousands years.

The Trona Ore is brought to the surface, refined into slurry containing both Soda Ash and Sodium Bicarbonate. The crystals and liquid are separated in a centrifuge. The crystals are then dissolved in a bicarbonate solution and then filtered to remove any non-soluble material. Purified carbon dioxide is fed into the filtered solution with the resulting reaction forming Sodium Bicarbonate. The Sodium Bicarbonate is held in holding bins where it cures, then packaged and shipped.

There you have it, a simple production from nature to package !